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They say - it’s a beautiful world... I say - its a TRAP

I remember...

rating in the game of chess

In app my rating now is 1020 approx.... and i m near about this for quite somet…

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Time to declutter

As i write this - my inbox is getting deleted. 

initially i thought of taking the bac…

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A shocking truth - 3

Netherlands - Day 1808 (Very cold now)

Its that time of the year when it one expects cold weather. But this cold! No! This is fi…

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A shocking truth - 2

When my conscience looks back at me - 2

painted on Apple iPad pro

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Painted on Apple iPad Pro


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Fantasy lake

Centaur head

Painted in Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)....

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A shocking truth

Sometimes opponent will make mistakes...

Again while playing chess with a new opponent i came upon this learning... he had a bette…

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Never lose hope

I just lost a chess game with username: truciolo69 in app

And believe me thi…

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one more head painting

Somehow managed to squeeze in this painting before 2017 ended on ipad pro 12.9


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New habits never last long... why?

...this is because when there is a sudden shock or intense pain or change - then it tends…

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Working with visudo

If the requirement is to allow user1 to execute a few commands that will only run from su…

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OnePlus 5 Review

I got a chance to test the camera of the one plus 5 yesterday. My friend took a shot from…

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Book Review: Solve For Happy

Recently I finished the book Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat.

It was interesting and thou…

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Day4: Lucerne, Titlis

This is the last day of the 4 day Italy-Swiss Trip. We got up early, completed breakfast …

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