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Lessons learnt from "mysql golang rest api project"

Recently I was working on a mysql golang rest api project and these are some of the issue…

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activeDeadlineSeconds and backoffLimit

Lets create a job - 

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: Job

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Difference between service port and container port

service port is marked in yellow highlight below - 

k run  nginx --image nginx:1.7.7 …

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To those who seek to be noticed...

Be so good in your craft that people are bound to notice you.  - Dipesh Majumdar

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vi editor tips and tricks

  1. go to top of screen
  2. go to middle of file
  3. go to end of file
  4. start inserting just …

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skeleton ingress to feed nginx ingress controller

The way it works is: 

nginx ingress controller has to be deployed in your nginx namespa…

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Enabling K8s network policy during Cluster creation

While creating k8s cluster you need to enable this feature. 

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Common Mistakes in declarative yaml manifests and imperative commands

Its a common mistake - you need to know yaml properly. so here i first did this


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Sitting on a Jumpbox and testing with network policy

You want to sit on a jumpbox so you can wget to some clusterip:port for testing only....

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Creating a pod and a matching service imperatively

[dipesh.majumdar@demo ~]$ k run nginx --restart=Never --image=nginx --dry-run --port=80  …

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Volumes, Storageclasses, pvc

First of all, if you are creating a hostpath volume within a pod of type Dir and it looks…

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Finding out Entrypoint, CMD, env of docker from the image

Million Dollar Question: You have an image - but you wan to find out the entry point from…

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Monitoring K8s

- metrics server (heapster has been deprecated) - metrics server receives metrics from no…

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Service Account Mystery

[dipesh.majumdar@demo ~]$ k -n mns get all
No resources found.

Though SA is present b…

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Environment Variable in Docker

[dipesh.majumdar@demo ubunutu]$ cat Dockerfile
FROM ubuntu
#CMD sleep 5
#CMD ["sleep",…

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ENTRYPOINT and CMD of docker corresponds to command and args in k8s

Consider the Dockerfile - 

FROM ubuntu
#CMD sleep 5
#CMD ["sleep","30"]

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make docker run from users other than root

Sometimes even after installing docker from root correctly, it might not allow you to con…

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Easiest way to write manifests

  • Pod

kubectl -n some_ns run pod_name --restart=Never --image=nginx:1.7.9 --d…

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How to rollback a deployment in Kubernetes

$ kubectl -n mynamespace describe deploy nginx |grep -i image
    Image:        nginx:2.…

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Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR) means the last bit can range from 0 to 2 (32-24) which is 2 = 256


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