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What is in your bucket?

We always carry a bucket on our shoulder and this bucket contains items that we need to complete.

Being aware means constantly reminding ourselves of the content of the bucket, knowing exactly the priority levels and most importantly the next urgent item that needs to be solved.

There is a catch. There is always A NEXT URGENT ITEM - And many a times, particularly after completing an important work, we tend to rest for a while and tend to be oblivious of the NEXT URGENT ITEM.

Relentless reminding and an insatiable desire to excel will help us get out of this vacuum and remind us of the next important item at every moment. Doesn't mean we shouldn't relax and chill...

Going one step further - being more proactive in order to include new things in the bucket - will enable us to flourish in the path of prosperity.

It is important to make sure that we ourselves fill up the bucket as well - instead of it getting filled up by others all the time.

Being driven and working and meeting deadlines is good. Being proactive and predicting and finding new activities and aspiring to complete them before the problem arises is even better.

Also important is to get others working for us and get jobs done. For this we might have to map separate buckets of others in our bucket as well and reminding the other-people-bucket-items in other's heads time to time.

To-Do List is not required if your awareness level about your bucket of items is high. To-Do list without awareness level won't help much. To-Do List plus awareness level - is what I will choose - if you give me a choice.


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