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Silent Contribution

The effect of invisible power can be felt and not seen. Invisible power and it's apparently invisible effect can be rendered through silent contribution.

One way of contribution is handling escalations and limiting blood flow with dexterity. It creates a lot of noise and a false sense of satisfaction that a lot of work is being done. But such work is not effective. Another way is not to allow any escalation.

One way is to do a lot of work in damage control. The other way is to do a lot of work in precautionary measures thereby averting any damage. This second way is silent contribution.

Silent contribution is always better. It  is also something that can escape notice. Those who are selflessly burning their midnight oil to keep things moving forward should be identified and rewarded.

Good leaders are those who don't ignore resources who fall in this silent category. They have sharp ears. They can hear silence. Pin drop silence.

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