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How to make a boring job interesting

One day my friend asked me - why do you get pleasure when you sketch or paint? I struggled to answer actually - or rather i should say i couldn't give the exact answer.

I had replied - 'It's the process of creativity that gives me happiness.'

He was not satisfied. He wanted a rather direct and 'to-the-point' answer. So he said, "it is that moment when you sketch that mind is free of all thoughts as you remain absorbed in that sketching. That gives the happiness."

As i reflected on it - i thought that was true.

what else give us similar happiness?  Think about it.... Actually it can be any work that you have at hand. Any work. Isn't it?

Only thing is you shouldn't be worried about other thoughts like the result of that work, or something else. A single pointed mind bereft of any kind of thought gives happiness.

But it's difficult to make every work such source of pleasure - because most often the job at hand is not interesting and therefore millions of thoughts bombard our mind. However it's easy to have such sublime one-pointed concentration in something we love to do. Nicely coined in the words of Confucius- "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

Also it's sometimes difficult to change to a job that we love or are passionate about. When we can't change the job that bores us, we need to somehow make the mundane or not-so-interesting work interesting. How to do that?

A lot of times innovation and thinking out of the box and making something new - can make a boring-work interesting.

For example if you do some routine job daily and you find no charm in the boring repetitive job - why not develop an automation script and do get the job done automatically. You can then monitor how the script is performing this magic and what are the shortcomings which can be further fine-tuned.

This approach is thinking out-of-the-box and might add that missing spark in the mundane job.

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