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How to handle an emergency situation at work

Issues, issues and issues - what's exactly breaking - and what's exactly failing - i have no idea - there could be issue here - there could be issue there - there could be some problem somewhere and i don't know where...

People are fire-fighting endlessly - i see everyone is doing his best - what best can be done under such circumstances???????

How many times we have seen ourselves in such a situation in work? we can simply think, contemplate and guess - we can still dig, dig and dig for more proof - proof in black and white -

But so often it happens that a problem doesn't seem to have one clear solution. Emergency situations are so difficult to handle - emergency situations are so hard to control - there could be some problem here or there - who knows?

Under such situations its important to keep one's cool and think of all possible steps that can be taken to control the situation.

Small step here and small step there - all put together -
multiple solutions - some from here and some from there -
all put together and stitched firmly -
can be put forward to see if that stops the leakage...

after all this even if the blood-flow is not arrested- take a break - leave for home. Sleep. Sleep peacefully and don't think about work. Believe firmly in this : TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY - TOMORROW ALL PROBLEMS ARE GOING TO GET SOLVED.

Might be some thing will happen - some magic - that will solve everything.

The world runs on hope. Isn't it?


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