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How to clear confusion and bad feelings...

What remains in mind and heart remains within and never gets the opportunity to come outside. This creates breathlessness as bottled up emotions ruins peace of mind. 

Sometimes it is good to have a release - emotions vent out like volcano - the mind  becomes so light. It feels so good.

 A very highly pressurized emotional situation sometimes brings one to the brink of tears. A release brings so much relief.  Men and tears - do not quite go well together - but sometimes it does happen and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that - so long as conscience is clear. 

When bottled up emotions find a vent, mind finds that extra bit of lightness and the choking heart clears away - it becomes so easy to bring the points to the table - in a conversation. A conversation which clears away doubt, confusion and pangs of misery. 

When animosity, confusion, hard feelings grow and makes everything murky - it is better to call all parties to the table - and start having a discussion. It is better to note down all the points that you want to discuss - and then discuss everything end to end. Discuss emotionally, clearly with passion but with ease - with humility and with an eagerness to get truth come out in the best possible way. 

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