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Lamentation of an old scooter

Lamentation of an old scooter

One day I was very tired... as I lay on this footpath someone tied this chain around my feet.
I can't move since then... I have no enthusiasm. My life is useless and my future is bleak.

I have no roof over my head. I get wet in rain. Then get dried up in cold wind. I cry. I shiver.
Sometimes I catch cold... sometimes high fever!  I am nothing but a goddamn useless scooter!

I get baked under the scorching sun. The dogs pee and the crows shit on me without any reason.
The pedestrians on the footpath don't even notice that... my tired eyes seek compassion.

It was not like this always. Once upon a time I was the dream of every Indian household...
I was the cynosure everywhere I went. An object of pride to be flaunted by young and old.

But times have changed. I am an old and tired scooter. An useless object. A burden on man.
I have been forgotten over time. Left to decay in this corner, unnoticed like a garbage can.


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