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Starting today I have decided to start a blog for vocabulary. It will be like vocabulary1, vocabulary2 and so on... all these to be placed in category "vocabulary"

  1. Insidious - adj. operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect (example sentence: Although not quite as dramatic, other touchscreen-oriented health hazards are even more insidious because most people aren't even aware that they exist. The potential for injury from using touchscreens will only go up as more people use smartphones and tablets, especially if Microsoft's Windows 8 effort succeeds in popularizing touchscreen PCs and laptops.)
  2. Mala fide - adj. something undertaken in bad faith; unreal or not genuine 
    try to understand mala fide by analyzing the opposite word - bona fide:undertaken in good faith; real or genuine
    if something or someone is bona fide they are real or geuine. 
    another example: we are happy to donate to bona fide NGO's who work for the poor.
    Evict- verb. to expel a tenant from property by process of law etc
    example sentence: if someone is evicted from a place he was living, then he would have broken some law or contract of agreement and therefore he was forced to leave the accomodation
    Abdicate - v. to renounce power or throne officially
    The King was going to abdicate to marry an Australian divorcee.mala fide
  3. visceral - adj. characterized by intuition or instinct rather than intellect. example sentence: Alec felt an almost visceral protectiveness towards her as she placed the bowl before him. Murray, Stephen DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION
    Brandish - verb. to wave or flourish (a weapon) in a triumphant, threatening, or ostentatious way. also word can be used as noun. example sentence - Some British groups opted for a low-key approach, with concealed pistols, while others made their men brandish submachine guns. TIMES, SUNDAY TIMES (2004)
    visceral, brandishing, puritanical, usurp, bludgeon, flounder, fulminating, draconian, proffering, moralistic, intemperate

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