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Zandvoort Sea Beach

Got down at Zandvoort Bus stop and straightaway started walking towards the beach - It is only a mere 5 - 10 min walk from Zandvoort Bus station to the sea beach.

Not at all deserted by any stretch of imagination. Lots of food, beer and water sports around. The sand is powdery and fine - very much like colva beach in Goa - only that the sand flies a lot - along with the strong breeze. A little away from the beach towards land - and strange - there is not much wind - and the leaves don't move much. So much the sand gets scattered and moves with the wind that you need a pair of goggles to enjoy the view. Well sometimes an irritant speck might manage to find its way into your eyes - leaving the vast options it had in its immediate surrounding. Why the heck! you would scream - but the roar of the waves would bury your agony. And of course you need to wrap yourself properly to protect from the cold wind.

Only when the sun is  bright - you will get some warmth here... The wind is strong and cold and very soon you have to find a way to shield yourself, may be behind a glass-compartment in a beach-restaurant. The sea beach is long and filled with sports and fun-filled activities. Of course not the kind of buzz - we have in Goa. But yes, not bad.

The waves deposit foam like this on the shore... Didn't quite see this on the beaches in India...

One of these restaurants shown below right on the lap of the infinite sand offered us comfort and warmth from the chill outside. We spent some good time here - enjoying the view from inside. Then we got up - from the sand and on the road alongside the beach. Took this photo from this road.

This is that road. On the right side is - Hotel Palace. A tall high rise building. There are many other hotels in this place and surrounding. Out of curiosity - checked the availability of rooms and rent. Found no rooms available... Double room rent is 125 euro per day. This was just for information/curiosity. Because we had no plans to stay here. On this same road - if you walk straight, you will find some very delicious sea food - offered on mobile vans. A meagre - 5 to 6 euros - would give you mouth watering prawn fries. We had two plates and we were full - had it not been for the rice + chicken we had brought from home - we would have finished some more. 

Finally the clouds came in between us and the sun - the below picture failed to capture the complete beauty as a portion of the sun rays fell directly on the middle of the sea, creating a nice dazzling reflection. Also in the picture you can see Romir with a weary and tired 'yawn'. Enough of Zandvoort - now let's get back home - seemed to be what he meant. So we headed backwards to zandvoort bus station. 

I don't know why or how - but the sea creates a mysterious bliss in us - so we try to make it to the beaches as often as we can - waiting for the slightest opportunities. The incessant wanves, the sand and the sea shells. The tiny creatures on the sand against the might stretch of water and sky on the background - may be that shows how insignificant we are against the vastness of nature and God.

Well philosophy apart,  Zandvoort sea beach - definitely - was worth it. We enjoyed and had a nice time here. It takes almost 1 and a half hour by bus - two stoppages - from our home. That is from Uithoorn Bus station to Zandvoort Bus station. 

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