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Weekend in Strandhotel - Zandvoort

We checked in the hotel around 3 pm on Saturday. It was not planned. The idea struck late - and instead of boarding a bus towards home, we thought of staying back in a hotel. strandhotel seemed a good option - with 150 euro for saturday night and check out at sunday 6 pm with free breakfast and dinner. So while the gusty north sea breeze was wearing us down, we got ourselves comfortable ensconsed in the 8th floor room - with a mini kitchen and a spacious room - overlooking the north sea through a wide window. The window could be opened - to let the sweet sound of waves and cool breeze inside the room - an awesome set up for a perfect weekend. There was no milk for Romir, there was no food - and food in hotels and shops just don't go in - a terrible let down. Luckily dirk was nearby and the kitchen and utensils were all there. Lazy cooking and late lunch saw us going through the weekend peeping outside the window into the gentle beautiful sea - waves coming by - endless and soothing. I leave you with pictures now... We had a nice time - 2 days - did nothing but enjoyed on the beach, inside hotel room, had short nap on sunday afternoon and left for home around 7 pm sunday evening. Monday blue written all over my face on the return journey.

The hotel - 

 strandhotel - zandvoort

15th March - view from  hotel window, as the sun is about to set...

16th March Morning - on sea beach, after breakfast, 

Lazy Tea on Beach - 

Lazy Tea on beach


Again back inside hotel room for Lunch - 

It's time to bid good bye to North sea - last photo from hotel room - 




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