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Trip to Paris

Day 1 (8.Aug.2014). 

We reached Paris at around 2:30 PM. It was drizzling then. Without wasting any time headed straight to The Louvre.

Outside Louvre...
The most famous museum of the world needs a large space outside to create the right kind of atmosphere. Louvre has exactly that -  plenty of open space and famous sculptures, beautiful water fountains and nice benches to sit and relax. The atmosphere is simply breathtaking here. Also shown below is THE STANDING FIGURE, by Willem De Kooning adorning this beautiful place...


Priority access due to baby stroller saved us from the long queue in-front of Louvre.

Inside Louvre...

There is a huge collection of art works here and finishing which in a whole day is not possible. So it was decided to spend most of our times in-front of prominent and important ones. 

1. The famous sculptures

2. The much awaited Monalisa... Finding her was really tough but finally got there. Surrounded by many people, this very small painting, by far is the cynosure here. Also the big painting to it's opposite fails to attract much eyes. A good illustration of the adage - Size doesn't matter! 

Adieu! Beautiful Pyramid...

After visiting Louvre, we headed towards Pont des Arts, on top of Pristine Seane. We were treated with some superb views of the gorgeous river and the stunning city by her side.

Walking down the road alongside Seane, you get to absorb this intoxicating place. The spirit of this city unfolds along this river. The occasional litters on road, small shops along footpaths, dazzling restaurants and pubs in the evening, mysterious locks clinging on to the bridge at Pond des Arts, cruise boats and open buses carrying excited visitors,struggling artists selling artworks on footpaths, pigeons munching away grains from visitors' hands - all these constitute the essence of Paris in a nutshell.

Notre Dame isn't far from here and a few minutes of walking along the river side took us there. Basked in her architectural brilliance. Took some photos and left for the late evening views of the Eiffel Tower. 

 While we were on the way from Notre Dame to Eiffel Tower, the lights had already started to dazzle and we stopped in a corner of the road and managed to take this video. Eiffel Tower looked like a beautiful bride. 

1st day ended with beautiful platter staring at our tired eyes. Hungry stomach could wait no more as we attacked food and sipped slowly from refreshing glass of French wine. The ultimate way to end the 1st day when every muscle was aching. The fatigued body dropped and only woke up to the loud alarm at 8 AM next day.


Day2 (9th Aug, 2014)

Believe me there are people who will make faces and remark, "OH, Disney!!! Its only for kids." But actually there are lots in store even for adults -  wonderful theme rides, a gorgeous parade late in the afternoon, a beautiful and breathtaking light and firework at 11 PM in the darkness of the night, eateries here and there - and so much more - and all of these makes it worthwhile to spend a day. 

There is however the pain of long and slow moving queues in front of the fancy rides, average waiting period for each can be an hour. If you are travelling with kids and if your kid happens to be as impatient as mine, you are done in big time. I would recommend you find alternatives like fast pass and beat the queue. Not only that - you have to go through these painful queues at restaurants and other eating joints as well - and so a careful planning in getting food parceled from outside would come in handy. You may like to bring non-perishable items like cashew nuts, biscuits, cakes, snacks, fruits etc from home  or outside.

So our 2nd day was totally booked for Disney. We reached there at around 10 AM and got into the queues for the adventurous rides. 

 Train Ride (play it with 1080p HD resolution. youtube gives you the option to change pixel at the bottom right corner of the screen) - 

Parade in the evening at Disney  (play it with 1080p HD resolution. youtube gives you the option to change pixel at the bottom right corner of the screen) -  


Day3 (10th Aug, 2014)

There was not much time for us on the third day, as we had to leave for departure at 2 PM. So we got in the queue to collect tickets for getting up the famous tower.

View from the top and the beautiful tower with the lights.

Well, that was it. End of Paris Trip. If you found this interesting, like the website and share it. Also don't forget to post comments, suggestions and ways to improve it. 

Paris trip pictures can be seen here.

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