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Post Cards from Kuala Lumpur

This is a back dated post.

I mean I hadn't started blogging when I had gone to Malaysia - actually for a training in Timesten, when I was working with Oracle India Pvt. Limited. I didn't learn a single thing about Timesten, honestly - but I explored the place - took photographs .. looked in awe at the mighty heights of Petronas Twin Towers... hogged all kind of Malaysian food and lazed back in hotel.  The details - about this trip - lay burried in one of the folders in picasaweb until I decided to blog about it...

I decided to post it back-dated. I don't remember the details... still I would write as much as my memory takes me back in time... a time... which is around 5 years back. Today being 21st May 2013. I still keep the blog-date to that old-date (8th April 2008)... for the sake of simplicity. That is the way all data have been organized in this blog - whatever event I have been part of - at whatever point in time - just go to that time in the blog and you will find it. So that's the idea behind this back dated blog. I hope you enjoy the post cards from Kuala Lumpur... back from 2008.

At that time I had more hair on my head and more agressive, energetic and an unbelievably fascinating spark in my eye - ready to explore the world and unravel the unknown. I don't mean to say I have grown old today - but definitely time has passed by - like the powdery sands through the openings of your clenched fists - however hard you may try to hold on to it - it finds a way through your fingers. Time has just gone by... I have learnt a lot in life... I am more wise now, I guess...

 This photo is taken from inside hotel NIKKO, from my newly purchased canon 8.1 MP IXUS camera - 

The twin towers - 


On our way to Menara Towers - 

On our way to Menara Towers

The road below takes one to the base of Menara tower. It is a steep rise. From the base of Menara Tower one has to buy tickets to the zenith. It takes one to the peak by elevators. The elevators reach the top in no time. The high pressure in the elevator may cause ear pain... 

Photos of some tall buildings taken from the base of Menara, Kuala Lumpur. One can see the top of the famous twin towers of Kuala Lumpur. Located near the twin towers is hotel Nikko.

This marvelous piece of Islamic Glass Work hangs from top of the roof at the entrance of Menara Tower. At this place the elevators are located that are ready to take the visitors to the seventh heaven. At the top of the tower you can hang out with your friends, family for as long aas you want. It gets closed at 10 pm. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the KL City from above... almost half a km from ground.

So finally we reached the peak of tower. From here we can enjoy the distant view of the KL City. The binoculars avalable here make the distant view unbelievably nearer.

The twin towers of KL are seen from the top of Menara towers. If you use the binoculars available here you'll be able to see men working inside the building through the windows. It was 7:41 PM in the night.



On the walls here is written - 

Tallest tower of the world - CNN TOWER TORONTO, CANADA - 553 Metre.

4th tallest - MENARA TOWER - 421 Metre.

This is our way back from KL Tower. The rain hadn't yet stopped and KL city had lit up in the late evening. The photo was taken from insiade a cab.



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