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Day1: Milan

I prepared all the plans on a travel-note-book and i forgot to take it with me. would you believe that?

All my plans were left at home as we ran towards the Almere bus stop in the early morning to catch the bus. It was dark and the birds were still sleeping. The bus arrived late and that's why we could board it and we reached Poort. From Poort we took the train to Schiphol Airport.

That we had web-checked-in so we didn't have to get into the queue for checking in once more so we joined the security queue which was moving pretty fast. Thanks to the efficient employees of Amsterdam Airport. Going by a flight after a long time - seriously and i even forgot that i had to take out everything i had in my pocket and i had to come back twice to the belt that takes your belongings through the xray machine. This is what happens when you are out-of-touch. You struggle with the pretty obvious things and look like a goddamn fool.

The plane was making circles all over the infinite Amsterdam runway and it took ages before it finally took off. 

When it landed in Malpensa airport it was drizzling. We saw there were buses available to go to Central station however we decided to give that a skip and wanted to go by train. Train always my personal favorite. I had already googled earlier that to reach the main station was to catch a train from terminal 2 in airport. How to reach terminal2? You just have to look around a bit... struggle a bit and then you will find a way - and that's the fun of travelling on your own. What's the fun if everything is made available to you by some travel company? 

We were quick to locate the metro station and the ticket counter. Booked a ticket towards Milan Central station and then we were soon enjoying the train ride. The sight through the train window let us some glimpses of the country side of Milan. It looked different from the Netherlands. The soil, trees and overall landscape was more like India. The architecture of the buildings were different too. We were savoring the sight as the train continued to march on. 

At Milan central station i took a local sim and then figured out how to reach Hotel Raphael.  Centrale >>> Loreto >>> Piola >>> Lambrate FS >>>>Udine >>>> Cimiano>>>>Crescenzago >>>> Cascina Gobba >>>> 1.7 km walk to Hotel Rafael. The metro train station was busy with many local passengers in the station.

Just arrived at
the milan central station
Inside metro
Destination -> Casina Gobba

We took the metro and soon reached Cascina Gobba. The gps showed us the way and we were now walking on the streets of Milan under the cloudy sky and incessant drizzle. The hotel was big and tall and the receptionist was friendly and warm. She gave us our keys - room on the fourth floor and also assured us of a free breakfast in the morning. However we would be skipping the breakfast as our destiny was Tirano the next day and we had to leave early - very early - so no question of breakfast. Romir was ecsctatic to find the clean spotless bedsheet and he was soon playing all over it. The very idea of again leaving the hotel to see a few important places in Milan gave him jitters. However we had to leave. We booked a taxi and proceeded towards the famous Duomo. 

A few clicks infront of Duomo and then we stood in awe of it's enormous presence. It's huge - really huge and it's damn beautiful and majestic. It stands erect as a proof of human artistic excellence defying time with some arrogance.

It's the most important landmark of Milan and I was very clear about one thing - if at all i found it difficult to explore much of Milan i would make sure to visit this one place. And with this one important place done, I felt relieved. 

Multiple metro gates are near Milan and we entered one of these and bought tickets to go near the Castello Sforzezco. Here in the metro station we saw photos of Salman Khan on one of the walls. Thought of taking a picture but we moved on. We were running out of time. 

Coming out of the metro station, we didn't have to walk much to reach Castello Sforzezco. We took a few picuteres here. 

After spending one hour or so inside the castle, we started return-journey. Legs were tiring and Romir was no more willing to walk. We wanted a taxi but there was no taxi-stand in the offing. So we settled for dinner in one of the road side restaurants. 

What fun is it to not taste Italian Cusine in Milan... so picked a few items from the Italian Menu. Food was good, wine was even more delicious. Now we needed to go back to our hotel as early as possible. 

Requested the restaurant staff to arrange a taxi for us. It was still drizzling... the whole day there was not any relief from rain. We soon arrived Hotel Rafael and this marked the end of day 1.

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