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It's easy to reach Madurodam. Thanks to connectivity of this place through a good network of railway and tram. 

We boarded train at Hoofdorrp Station at 3 PM and reached Den Haag Centraal Station at around 3:40 PM. The weather was hot and sticky ( temperature  - 33 to 34 degree C). Seldom have I seen it so hot in Netherlands. 

The tram station is easy to find from the Den Haag central station - just be on the road out of the gate which automatically turns left - or atleast fellow passengers would suggest that - and you need to just go along the herd. The tram stop is there right infront of you in a minute. 

Tram# 9 you have to take and it will drop you just near Madurodam. 

Ticket price per ticket is 15 Euro. (An online booking might save you 2 Euro - but we hadn't done that.)

As we entered we were quite awed by the fantastic views of buildings, canals, nature, footbal statdium, airports - all brought down to scale quite remarkably. Welcome to the miniature world of Madurodam where all people - young, middle aged and old would find enough things to be enthralled. The joy of the kids is however something that in itself is something worth visiting here more than once. Leaving with the pictures and some videos now. 

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