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King's Day Celebration in Amsterdam

King's Day is celebrated with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm in Netherlands. In order to enjoy this event people from all over the country makes a beeline to Amsterdam. The roads, canals and alleys remain packed with people dancing to the tunes of music blaring all around. It is a time to celebrate... to let go of all thoughts, worries, loss, gain and get submerged in the spirit of the occasion. As Amsterdam remains immersed in non-stop celebration - the normal commute remains impacted in some of the important points like central station. You can't rely on buses this day and it's a safe bet to avail metro or trains. Extra precaution needs to be taken while travelling with child as the buses (in lesser crowded routes) remain over crowded as well.

All buses towards Amsterdam remain completely filled and getting an opportunity to board is also remote. We reached the bus stop in Uithoorn at around 12 pm but all the buses were packed and so we had to go to wait quite long...

This is also the time when many people sell old and antique household items. They can be seen on pathways, footpaths and many other places in large numbers.  

Leaving you with some of the pics and video that we shot while exploring Asmterdam on foot- from Museumplein, via Vondel Park to Dam Square...


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