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Driving through Black Forest

1st day (Uithoorn -> Mannheim )

This time we set out to explore black forest in a car. We left Netherlands at around 7 PM and headed towards Mannheim in Germany. The distance was around 500 km. We reached Park inn hotel in Mannheim at around 1.30 am.

2nd day (Mannheim ->Heidelberg Castle ->Baden Baden -> Freudenstadt -> Triberg Waterfalls -> Rötenbach (Friedenweiler))

Next day, 20.sep.2014 morning, we left for Heidelberg Castle. We were impressed with the beautiful views along side the river near the castle. The car-parking is so easy to find here and in this same car parking builiding, in the ground fall there are ticket counters for the cable operated trains that takes one to the castle, high up in the mountain. We got into the cable train and were on our way up... 

The castle ruins...

View of adjoining river-area from top of castle

 After this we headed towards Baden Baden and took the route from Baden Baden to Freudenstadt.  This route is awesome with beautiful views on both sides. Sometimes it can really get dark even in broad day sunlight...

We then headed towards Triberg.

We somehow managed to experience the calm and quiet Triberg waterfall in the darkness of the late evening. As it was getting darker so couldn't get good photos of the waterfall. The descent was a long way and so decided not to go all the way down.

Sat there on a bench and enjoyed the soothing sound of the gentle stream. 

We quickly headed towards the hotel. After an eventful day we settled for some rest in Landgasthof Rössle in Rotenbach.

3rd day (Rötenbach (Friedenweiler) ->Rhine Falls ->Titisee Lake ->Uithoorn)

Next day we were helped by a rather generous receptionist who urged us to also visit the Rhine Falls. So though this was not within out planned itinerary we decided to follow her advise and drove towards Switzerland Border.

Rhine Falls was not far from the hotel and it took us approximately 1 and a half hour to reach here. We took tickets (6 euro per person - not including boating) ; got busy exploring the gorgeous and mighty Rhine Falls from different spots. 

The boat ride is the best way to witness Rheinfall in her true nature. Here goes the video - 

After Rheinfall, we returned back Germay to see Titisse Lake. It was evening and it was drizzling. The drive through black forest in the light drizzle was enchanting. 

Titisee Lake is situated in the southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. It is at a height of 850m and a natural reserve of drinking water. Against the background of Feldberg mountains, it offers stunning views. Light drizzle in the lake made it even more beautiful.

Video of the lake...

We purchased a cuckoo clock here and then headed for a long and tiresome journey towards Netherlands. It was raining continuously and the scenery on both sides of the road was breathtaking... 

We finally reached home in uithoorn at 04:00 AM. Bade our dear friend, Manik good bye - who had to drive another 50 kms before he could finally rest. 

It was a nice experience, however there were challenges as well like finding the correct road on the gps while the car is speeding above 100 kph, identifying the different speed limits in different sections of highways, the pain of nausea and vomiting in twists and turns of mountains and hills and dealing with that especially when you are with kids... and so on.... But overall it went well and as I write this blog - I am still overwhelmed by the Beauty of Mother Nature we witnessed. It is something to be cherished for a long time

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