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Day4: Lucerne, Titlis

This is the last day of the 4 day Italy-Swiss Trip. We got up early, completed breakfast and then left for Lucerne Station. Now i hate to say this but so many times we have missed the train or bus by a whisker that now we have stopped regretting... And so the train to Engelberg just left and we helplessly watched it going out of sight... We took the tickets from the automated ticket vending machine and waited for the next train. A solid one hour to go... so we went to the nearby Lucerne Lake and clicked a few pictures. In the below picture as you can see I achieved the background-blur with the 18-55mm kit lens of nikon 5600D. 

I think the below picture came very sharp on automatic mode and in broad day sunlight. 

Unlike the previous 3 days, we were lucky to have a bright and sunny day.

We came back and got inside the train to Engelberg. We were treated with some stunning scenery through the train window. It was all snow believe me, at this point in the yea, i.e. April End. Finally we reached Engelberg, got down and then proceeded towards the ticket counter from where we took the tickets for the cable cars.

Note: Titlis summit has to be reached in 3 levels by cable cars. At each of these levels you can come out of the cable car station and spend some time to have a look at the mountains around and play with snow. 

Please watch complete journey in 5 videos and leave your comments - i have mixed audio in some of these videos to obliterate the non stop chatter from other occupants of the cable car. Watch in full resolution 1080p for better quality.

First 3 videos are in 1st level.

We reached the first level now. We came out the cable car station out in the open to witness the dazzling white snow all around in bright sunlight; it was difficult to look around without the protective goggles. I mean it was so damn bright. Here we took some snaps and then we took the second level cable car and proceeded further up.

In this  below video you can see the cable car that we took in the second level. 

Shown below is fifth video. The queue which led to the third level rotating cable car is painfully slow. Furthermore we soon realized that this revolving cable car has no seats, unlike the previous two. We didn't like this cable car as the people are led inside these in very large groups. Those who are trapped in the middle can barely manage any good views. However we could somehow manage to take below video. We were having difficulty to stand properly with our bags. We felt that the number of rotating cable cars and rope-ways for this last level should be increased.

Now this is the view of mountains and valley from the top of Titlis - 

Shown below is the ice cave. 

After spending some more time on Titlis Summit we returned back on these cable cars and then waited for the train at Engelberg station. 

Final destination of our intinerary: The famous Lion Monument.

Now we went back to the same Indian restaurant after a tiring day for dinner. 

And then straight back to the hotel. 

(Next day we woke up a bit late and then left for Zurich airport to catch the flight to Amsterdam.)


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