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Day2: Tirano, St Moritz, Chur

We left Rafael Hotel exactly at 5:00 AM. The taxi was standing near the exit door. We hopped in and left for Milan Central Station. It's a long station and every platform had a different destination - all these were nicely displayed on the electronic board. Very systematic. No difficulty... no confusion. 

The train started at 6:40 AM, and we were trying to catch on to some morning sleep that we got deprived for the last 2 days. The beautiful scenery through the window was not letting me to close my eyes though. 

OK so the shock was awaiting us in the Tirano Railway Station. Bernina express for which i had done the entire planning had got cancelled for the day. The person in the ticket counter appologized again and again and said that we can ofcourse reach St. Moritz partially by train and partially by bus. So that was a relief!!!

My entire itinerary was hard coded, tickets booked - payments done and i didn't want any change in that.

Confusion among people
as the bernina express got cancelled
Waiting for train
inTirano Railway staton

So now the new plan for the first leg of the journey was -

  1. Tirano to Poschiavo ( by train)
  2. From Poschiavo to Pontresina (by bus).
  3. And from Pontresina to St. Moritz (by train again).

So the majority of the route would be covered by bus. However the train ticket (each - 32 Swiss Frank ) we took at Tirano station would cover all these bus and train fairs. We were saved from the hastle of booking multiple tickets. 

The train arrived soon and we were chugging through some beautiful scenic views on both sides of the train. The train was moving up and the climb was significantly steep.

Shown below in this lovely video is the beautiful Lake - Lago di Poschiavo.


We got down at Poschiavo and were soon helped by the friendly train guide who led all the passengers to the bus  standing nearby. 

We finally reached St Moritz. Went to the ticket counter and booked the tickets to Chur. Thrilled to locate a hotel here where we could recharge ourselves before beginning the next phase of the journey.

Second leg of the journey - St Moritz to Chur begins now. 

When we reached Chur, we were really tired. 

I took a local sim here, which took quite some time to come to life. And then we navigated to our hotel, which was quite nearby. It was drizzling and we were were happy inside the hotel room. This hotel didn't have a restaurant attached. Luckily we already had plenty of food packed with us and that helped. We had no energy to go out and hunt for food.


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