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Dam Square, Netherlands

Netherlands - Day214

How time flies...

It seems yesterday - or a few hours back... When we first stepped on the Netherlands... The chill in the atmosphere was sharp... Venturing outside ibis hotel - only to get those bergers from the distant Mac D - I still remember - because Mac D seemed healthy, cheap and good option, simply. The initial shocks were many - in work, on roads, turbulent emotions within and thought-provoking insights rising out of no where - they were strong enough to send me packing back home... But I persevered... and things seem to have fallen in the right places...

One important thing I learnt are real friends who come in your way to give you good feedback, guide you selflessly and help you motor along the path less travelled and hard to tread and somehow things keep going... You soon find that your perseverance paid off - your true friends guided you in your bad time and guided you properly. Some dependable connections - worth cherishing a whole life time - who can assure you help in crisis - such contacts are so vital - and I have some, my good luck or my friends' magnanimity I really don't know - of course combination of individual factors seems to be right.

Anyway, one more sunday came and passed by - in a flash - and we decided to go to The Famous Dam Square - we have only been confining ourselves in Museumplein - explred the beautiful Stedelijk museum only a fortnight back (pictures are yet to be uploaded and a backdated blog has to be written on that). But if you go a little further - towards Leidseplein and then towards Dam, you would be surprised at the buzz and beauty of this place. This is really the heart of Amsterdam. We decided to explore the place on foot - the best possible way of knowing a place.

Dam square was full of these big - merry go rounds - I don't know what they call these huge setups now - but in our childhood days - from the places of our origin - we have seen quite a few hangouts/setups like this where people can enjoy in Nagordola - Merry Go Round, and other eatery stalls selling Foochka, Ghoogni etc ( remembering in Bengali). We used to call these Mela in Bengali... Similar things - in larger scale here and more sophistication involved - but that's it - spirit seemed the same wherein teenagers were desperate for those adrenaline shots of huge structures falling down rapidly and rising up sharply rotating the whole body 360 degree... so so so scary... Scary even to look at. Man I don't want those mad excitements in this old age...

So I opted for a milder option - The Diamond wheel. Nice and soothing. High but Gentle. Tickets for adults was 6 euro each  and for Romir - 4 Euro. And guess who enjoyed the most - You better watch the below YouTube video -


As I said this place is the main area where tourists spend most of their time in Amsterdam. Lots of eating joints, bars and cafes. You would really find something to suit your taste - If nothing atleast - Mac D and KFC. This is the place to be - once you are in Amsterdam - I don't know why I delayed so much. Though I had come once - say 3 months before - that was kind of an office party - where we drank and made merry - and finally went home in our respective buses. But this was the first time I could bring Sanchita and Romir here and boy - did they enjoy?

It's 12:30 am in the night... And I am crawling closer to Monday work - Oh how much I want to stay away from that!

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