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A stroll around Rijksmuseum and unwinding at Vondelpark

Lazy sunday... And so no work. We had planned pretty early to leave home at any cost and not to get entangled in futile house-hold work or any other thing...

Took bus number 170 from near house and got down at Museumplein. From here Museum Rijks is very near. A lazy stroll around this place is pure bliss. There are so many museums and art galleries to explore. The canals and the boats ferrying the visitors make an awesome sight. This place is beautiful in all aspects - typical Amsterdam! There is a nearby Mac-D where we loaded ourselves with crunchy nuggets, burger and cola. Then we moved towards Vondelpark, not far from here... ofcourse we didn't know the way and accidentally found Vondelpark.


Romir in Museumplein, Amsterdam 

Vondelpark is a nice place... just to relax, unwind and chill. Nature lovers would love for sure... And those that desperately yearn for a break from their work and monotony. Vondelpark seemed to me - very much like the Bangalore Electronics City Infosys Campus.

We didn't roam much - because having walked for quite sometime around the RijkMuseum our tired legs needed rest. We sat infront of a nice water body and soaked in the beauty of sun falling on water and the greenery around. The chirping of birds around, ducks swimming and cranes looking for fish in water... all of this makes a lovely setting. You would love here when it is all sun-shine.

There were so many people here - enjoying with family - sitting on green grass, sipping wine and beer and munching on nuts and chips. There is bar inside the park - where you can order drinks and food.

As the sun started hiding behind the tall trees, the shadows soon became larger and the temperature dropped almost abruptly. No more pleasant in the chill... we got up for our return journey. Back to museumplein and back home. Enjoy the pictures from Vondelpark - 


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