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How to get url of image from Facebook Image

It's little tricky.

A few days ago i managed to do this but today when i tried once more i couldn't. 

Well I deviced a trick here - just give it a try - if it works good...

First the constant part - 

That part of the url is the constant part. Now we will work on the remaining part of the url of the image. Click on the image and do an inspect element. Copy the image part of the html script in a note pad and then write down the url below. An example shown below - 

<img class="spotlight" alt="" aria-describedby="fbPhotosSnowliftCaption" aria-busy="false" src=";oe=54AA2BFD" style="width: 520px; height: 381px;">

from here copy this part only - >

now from the above url replace this parth {} with the constant part. Resultant url should be like this - 


this actually works. Don't know how long this will work as the developers keep working on the codes ... but for now it works and so the grin in my face.

A little later i noticed this - if you remove /v from {}... the resultant url works as well, but although the image is smaller:

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