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World no. 100 knocks off World no. 3

Just witnessed a prodigy in the ongoing UK championships 3rd round... what can you call this incredible performance... madness of youth... fearless shots and a childlike and fresh aggressive approach - this was the best mix of raw dexterity and unorthodox approach that only a young player could bring to the table...

James Cahill is his name! I am sure many would not even know him in the world of snooker. Now this guy is not also 19! And he knocks over the world no. 3. What would you call that? Biggest upset or the first indications of a rising star! I would rather choose the latter.

Now that's too early, somebody would murmur with a sarcastic smile and many would also point to a few rising stars that had come and gone into thin air after showing the initial flamboyance... For example - Andy Roddic in Tennis, Vinod Kambli in Cricket, Michael Owen in Football... to name a few.

Nonetheless, every opportunity to witness a prodigy does fill one with joy. It's because we want new faces. However we subject these young players with high hopes and expectations. From the players' perspective, good maturity is indispensable to remain firmly rooted to the ground. And that's why it was so heartening to find James Cahill looking just the part - completely professional and  not at all carried away by that customary rush of emotions. 

The last frame was the decider in a best of 11 frames and it was an awkward situation for the young lad to pull things back from a position where his opponent  was in driver's seat. However at crucial moments he managed to pull off a couple of breathtaking shots and  find a way to the fourth round of the UK Championships. A helpless and dejected Ding could do nothing but remain in awe of this magnificent performance.

Well played Cahill and keep up the good work! 

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