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World Cup 2014 - Germany vs Portugal - The first Red card of this world cup

a moment of rage can destroy it all...

it perplexes me when i try to figure out why someone whould do that -

a player loses his calm in a big match - as BIG as the world cup... and gets a red card.

that to me is suicidal.

millions who attach their hopes to the 11 people - are let down by that single act of rage.

so when muller was hit on his face - which of course wouldn't have earned Pepe the RED CARD, but soon after he head butted Muller and which urged the referee, Milorad Mazic to red card him.

Portugal, already trailing by 2 goals - were stranded with 10 players against a well oiled German attack.

Muller struck soon after giving Germany a 3 goal lead - adding insult to injury?

10 Portugal men vs 11 Germans simply doesn't seem working from this point on...

I wonder again and again and simply can't find a clue - what can be the reason of such outright madness? Results kept apart - how can someone behave in such a foolish way that triggers the referee to go for the RED CARD.

It spoils the whole game - isn't it?

I mean for unbiased fans like me, who is only interested to see a good football match - it spoils the entire mood.

And I can empathize with the Portugese fans, ofcourse.

Having said that all, lets spare a thought for the player who got red card.

How he must be feeling now...

Guilty, ashamed and he would feel like burying his face.

It happens - it's only human to err - and we sometimes do commit some unbelievable and strange mistakes.

But - rather than punishing oneself with remorse, guilt and shame - it's better to wipe tears and learn from mistakes. Whatever has happened already - can't be undone - but the lessons learnt can be so intense that the player gets motivated and promises to do something substantial for the team and country - inorder to redeem this moment of madness.

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