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World Cup 2014 - Brazil vs Chile - When the best is not good enough

Today's was the knock out match between Brazil and Chile.

Brazil played rather ordinary football and Chile was impressive right from the start.

Inspite of Brazil having taken the lead, Chile managed an equalizer and then played some spectacular football till the match had to be extended into extra time. 

In the extra  time - one of the Chile shot hit the Brazilian bar and thus the host was saved from a deadly scare. 

When the extra time failed to pick up one of the two as winner, the penalty shoot-outs started and this time Brazil managed to out smart Chile - it was good luck for Brazil and not so good for Chile. 

One of those moments when the loser must be having a real bad feeling about the final result - so near, so close, yet so far...

There are indeed times when one gives his best shot but still it doesn't give him the result. However during such times the head must remain high with pride and one must accept defeat with humility and peace. 

I remember the adage - "Oh God grant me the ability to change the things I can, the serenity to accept that which I can't and the wisdom to know the difference."

That was the situation for Chile in this match. They must accept defeat and return home with heads held high.

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