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When the Greats have their backs to the wall - what do they do?

They find a way to fight back! As simple as that. 

And that's exactly what Roney did in the  UK Snooker Championship 2014 Semi Final. Bingham was playing flawless shots one after another and it was almost game over for him.

We saw a similar story in the best of 16 match a couple of days before. The fabulous start that Dott had created  never ever allowed Robertson to make a comeback. Sullivan was going the same way - many thought... but then as the match unfolded - the script seemed different. Sullivan played some magnificent shots to claw his way back into the match.

All greats manage to find a way to FIGHT back - isn't it?

When the good players are put to pressure they manage to bring out the best from within.

One of the match commentators rightly said - "As soon as someone like Roney is pushed in a do-or-die situation - he  become oblivious of the surrounding and gets absorbed in the game. On the contrary the average players tend to become conscious of everything - the camera, audience and so on and somehow tend to lose focus. And hence the mistakes. Bingham looked heavy and dominating physically - but it's not a physical game - it's played in the mind.

It needs strength of character. 

After the game when Roney was asked about his feelings about the win he was humble enough to admit being LUCKY as Bingham missed a few easy chances. A witty Roney even added - "Had it been boxing, the referee would have stopped the match half way and announced Bingham as the winner." 


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