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Thiem lost the plot

So what was the French open final all about? For me it was another proof of how talent crumbles before experience. Thiem was an epitome of class and talent but what he lacked was the tactful game plan, knowledge of crucial points where he needed to put more focus and energy - and all this comes with experience. 

Nadal is aging and with age he can no more generate that sustained flow of energy that he could a decade earlier and therefore he depends a lot on strategy. He conserves energy like an old panther who only targets that victim it is confident of running down. Rest of the flock is just ignored -  it doesn't chase them... Just an analogy from what I observed - The great clay court southpaw will not play all the points to the best of his effort... but will only play to his fullest energy at the crucial points...  The points that matter. It's like reading the game like a book and playing it with the mind as much as with muscles... To some extent it's like chess. I have also seen him targetting the weak back hand of players incessantly - and then suddenly coming up with a viscous forehand which is just too fast to chase down. 

And his opponent failed to read that. When Nadal returned the hard shots of Thiem with painful accuracy, Thiem needed to hold on to it a little longer - and then Nadal might have given in... however he falls a victim to frustration and gives up, shortfalls every amateur is vulnerable to - and pretty apparent in this case also. 

Thiem was pretty impressive and his loss in straight sets was a bit too much to digest, keeping in mind the alacrity and power with which he played in the Rod Laver Arena. He might have lost but he definitely gained a lot through this grueling battle. The experience gathered will take him a long way forward in his career, if he applies the learning lessons with the right attitude. 

He needs to understand that he has to persevere a lot more than what he has shown in the final. 

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