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Never lose hope

I just lost a chess game with username: truciolo69 in app

And believe me this was a game which i have been domination all the way... and at the last committed a couple of silly errors and my lead was gone and I was down on time in a 30 minutes game. My opponent won on time... 

And then i realized the importance of never losing hope in life...

Oh God - it pains, it hurts and it hurts so much... 

Particularly when you are on the verge of victory and then you lose. 

And so I don't want to let go of this valuable lesson of never losing hope in any situation. One more thing is never ever think that the game has been won before it has actually been won. Because as I was inching towards victory I was having this feeling that I am winning a lot of matches and I am getting better and so on; in other words i started celebrating my win before I actually won and in that process lost a bit of concentration and boy did that cost me at the end... and did that hurt? You bet!!!

This is the loss after 7 wins in the trot. 

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