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Insipid French Open Final

What a boring French open Final i just witnessed... no juice no life... no challenge.. no fight. I remember in the early days of schooling when i used to remain glued to portable black and white tv broadcasting an Agassi Sampras final -or something of that sort - it used to be such fun...
Or even a few years back when Nadal was in his peak and others would find it like an impossible stone-wall waiting to be curshed against in an epic final... Nadal was so ruthless and difficult to get over. Ooh- how hard Federer used to try and every time he used to fail - but those were even better games... far better than this one sided boring affair...
Federer is in the limelight of his career...  Nadal is battling an injury and who knows when we will again see in his prime? So we are left with no choice but to witness the same Djoko win again and again...

Who likes that? The viewers want variety and emergence of new faces, new heroes... But this doesn't seem very likely in the near future.

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