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Betfred World Championship 2016... an update

As i write this, the quarter final match between kyren wilson vs mark selby, 1st session just finished... selby is leading by 6 -2 

the previous match that wilson played, he  was leading mark allen by 7-0.  And in this match he was trailing 6-0 

Sports can be such great leveller isn't it???... all the more reasons to remain humble and remain focussed. bcoz you never know....

not only sports but in life... it's always better to not celebrate too early and remain cautious even though the going is easy and the ride is smooth because you never know when it gets bumpy

in the other match between ronny sullivan vs barry hawkins, barry hawkins somehow managed to clinch victory just at the right moment and riding a little bit on luck as well. in this match, in every session barry was successful in taking lead up until the las few frames when Ronny showed his magic to level the game at 12-12. the decider was a cracker of a match and Hawkins capitalised on an unlucky potting of the cue ball by Rocket. 

Ronnie was slightly careless in his defensive and tactical games... he gave a few easy opportunities and they were nicely capitalized by Barry who seemed more hungry to win of the two... Sometimes it's the hunger that decides which way fate is going to swing... .some people just seem slightly more hungry than the other... remember it's  anyway a neck and neck contention and only a marginal advantage is all that is needed to get over the line...

at this point Ding is also playing great snooker and the world championship is becoming all the more exciting as the quarter final rounds are underway... Remember the big shots are all gone now - the likes of Ronnie, Murphy, Trump, Bingham are all out.. 

If i have to put my money on any player now - it would be Selby... it's a great opportunity for him to win this title! However, as we already have seen - anything can happen

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