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How to post notification on slack channel with bash script

In order to do this first go to your slack channel (home page) and scroll down... if you …

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generate ssh keys in linux

[root@local-some-env ~]# ssh-keygen -t rsa
Generating public/private rsa key pair.

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rhel vs centos - which one to choose

it's better to choose centos because it's not licensed  and you get the work done just as…

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Some useful Linux Commands - 4

Lets talk about performance - 

i/o waits - 

appuser@hostname:~> top

top - nn:n…

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Some useful Linux Commands - 3

  1. Do you really want to know if something is running on a port?

    Use this - 


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Some useful Linux Commands - 2

New things learnt... these are the things i didn't know... Mostly we will cover a few net…

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Some useful Linux Commands - 1 (helpful in getting useful information form access and error logs)

We will cover mostly Find commands in this section

  1. Many a times there will be an en…

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Run a script in crontab

Why not?

Why the hell bother to do something manually - particularly some periodic tas…

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How to have OR in condition in an IF statement of a shell script

Showing below the if statement to illustrate this. The condition shown is just an example…

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How to get the absolute value of a number in shell script

Suppose you have a number A which is -10 but you need to work with the absolute value of …

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Using awk to manage string output

====Part 1=====

For example you have a file like this -> awk_example1.txt


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