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Why follow process?

As you keep working and as you grow old - you learn valuable lessons. 

Each day is a new day and each teaches us new lessons, if only we care to pause a little and reflect on the passing moments...

Like right now if I pause, the single most important lesson I feel I came to know today is that doing a job successfully is not sufficient. But doing a job through a well-carved-out process is more important. The job may be successful or unsuccessful but following the process of implementing the job is more important. This process is meant to protect the one who does the job. Protection from any breakdown, any unexpected outage or problem etc.

A process means the necessary additional steps in addition to the piece of job that needs to be performed. Outcome of any job is not hundred percent predictable - so if process is not followed - it is difficult to control the outcome.  

For example I have to get my car serviced - and I am hundred percent sure that there is a mechanic near my home who has his own garage and he is skilled and can do a fantastic job. I can get the car serviced better than if I go to the authorized service center. But I will still go to the authorized service center - I will follow the proecess mentionend in the car manual in BOLD and UNDERLINED - Always go to authorized service center. So the process in this case includes the following points - 

1. ensure km is 10000 or time since last servicing 1 year - which ever is earlier

2. when point 1 is satisfied - call service center and create an appointment. 

3. On the day of appointment leave car at the service station. Explain the problems of car and get a job card. 

4. Take delivery from the service center - ask for a computer generated sheet which reflects all servicing done in the appropriate dates. 

5. Drive your car home. In case of a problem - get back to service center representative and get it fixed. 

I will follow this 5 point process - because in case of a major breakdown of my vehicle - I can claim for warranty - because servicing was always done at right time and from proper service center. Here as you see I am able to control the unexpected outcome of the job done. Without process I can't go and claim this from the local garage owner. He can start fighting with me and land 2 - 3 blows on my face.

So the process shields me from any unwanted problem that may happen. Another example is - supposing while getting serviced my car gets stolen - authorized service center can be held responsible. However my local garage shop owner can't be held responsible - he will simply say - u never gave your car. At that time I will be amazed - how can someone cheat and betray in such blatant way. But it's too late by that time - no use ruing.

These are a few among many reasons why following process while implementing a job is so important. If there is no process - then if you are lucky - you may get away but if you aren't then - you are on your own with your problems. The outcome can be so dangerous that it can affect you badly. You can't control the outcome.

There is no cushion of process then.

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