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The Modern Subhash Chandra Bose

It was 6:30 pm at work place. Almost all had left for home... we were 4 of us - sitting: 3 of us Indians and one foreigner (don't know which country he belongs to) 

A friend of mine was showing a video clip - where in a man - mostly drunk - rides a bike and keeps hitting vehicles on a road and finally falls into a giant hole near the road. All were laughing...

Another friend of mine remarked in a sarcastic tone, "It looks like an Indian road... so many things to suggest that - a man drinking and driving - suggests India... the vehicles are all indian vehicles - suggests this should be India.... and such a big hole open near road side... could mean this could be India... he started laughing... everyone was laughing," when I shot a remark in Hindi, "Apne Desh ka Burai karte ho" ( You talking bad about your own country).

He said rather casually. That's the truth. And i do this infront of our own people as well... to which I had replied - it is another thing to criticize amidst our own people but quite different when you do the same infront of a foreigner. 

I saw him becoming defensive and I immediately remembered a Subroto Bagchi Blog which I had read many days before on similar kind of a topic.  And i forwarded to him immediately.... Here goes the blog:

He was not reading... but he was busy on his phone. I told him to read the blog... then and there.

He started reading ... No sooner did he start reading... he remarked, "I don't agree with this man... This is not correct bla bla..." 

I thought now what to say - This man is a great man - Subroto Bagchi, known for his valuable contribution in the world of IT, known for his good books, his rich philosophy and so many other things - gets called in many cultural events and functions to enlighten the audience with his insightful lectures....  and this friend of mine doesn't even qualify to criticize him but here he says that he is wrong by reading only the first few lines of a long blog. He doesn't have the complete perspective.

I also thought - when a painter starts painting - how can you comment on the painting from the first line he has put in the canvas. Wait - have patience - till the picture is complete. Unless and until you read the complete blog - how will you know the complete perspective.

I was actually losing hope now ...  but you know what.... I have always been a tough nut to crack ... I kept trying and somehow managed to get his eyes back into the blog - to which he started reading cursorily - but as they say EGO is too powerful to overcome. He still didn't agree and started rationalizing. 

I said - We have problems - we have issues - we have our own faults. But that is a painful situation i am in and my country is in. I cannot laugh and talk about that in a sarcastic tone especially infront of another from a different country. If I mention about those issues at all - my eyes will reflect pain of the problems my country is afflicted with and also shame that I am not doing anything to address them. 

I hope my friend reads this blog someday.

But if Subroto Bagchi's blog couldn't change his mind - this won't either. 

There was a Subhash Chandra Bose who left country to fight British troops to free his motherland and there is this modern version which has also left his country but for other reasons and who presents a rather morose picture of his country without any compunction.

However I do hope he spends some time in silent introspection. Because when we search answers to questions in silence, our conscience emerges and shows us the right direction. Because you may succeed to fool others but you can't fool your own self.

I close my eyes now to see what my own conscience says. I actually  feel good that I tried to correct my friend. I also feel good that I blogged about this.

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