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Process of upgradation

It's a lesson learnt from a game I love to play - Table Tennis. As I was playing the game a few days back, I suddenly realized that my opponent was constantly placing the ball at the far end of my back hand. Every time the ball came there I struggled to reach for it and then somehow managed to return. Each time I would return the ball with so much difficulty, he would capilalize with a smash, a winner! It was like salt on injury. It went on like this for many days. My pain increased and transformed into a nagging worry as I thought of ways to come out of it. I was losing matches because of this. 

I soon realized that I was chopping those balls that hurried towards me. Chopping means imparting back spin to the tennis ball which loops and lazily lands in the other part of the table. This back spin loop gave a lot of time for the opponent to come to a conducive position and then hit a smash! So I decided to change the approach. I thought of using backhand top spin instead of back hand chop! The reason being back hand top spin is an attacking shot and it also gives the other player less time to react or come to a nice position. 

But there was a catch! How to come out of the comfortable cocoon of hitting that lazy backhand chop which I relished so much. And which had given me countless points with other adversaries. But this opponent was adept in returning my favorite chop. And how to master the backhand top spin which I wasn't very good at? So it was a trap for me and I had to find a way out! 

For the next couple of weeks, I started to practice the back hand top spin rigorously. And during this time I was losing so many matches - even matches against weaker oppositions. People started ridiculing me. But I had decided to bite the bullet. So I kept on hitting the backhand topspin. I made this an obsession.

Today, to my surprise, when I played with the same opponent, my backhand topspins were going like magic! And the opponent was at a loss! Utterly confused! That great loophole he had discovered for endless exploitation was suddenly out of the window! But he still tried his luck, hard, very hard, but I was winning the points. I kind of converted my weak point into a forte! Bingo! 

Moral of the story is, there are times when you have to upgrade. And this process of up gradation takes time. It doesn't happen immediately. During this up gradation if you are not able to deliver the goods, don't worry. Persevere and have faith. This period of up gradation is similar to the stretching back of an arrow so that it can be launched forward with speed and accuracy. Then only target can be hit and goals can be met. That is the bigger picture!

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