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Only truth and honesty is not enough

There is that magic ingredient that needs to be there to get work done. Only honesty and truthfulness won't help. However honesty is the base on which the foundation is to be laid. 

So what is the magic ingredient? 

It is the willingness to perform and get things done immediately. It is the opposite of inertia or laziness. It is that property which propels one to get the pending things done immediately. 

It is like tooth which require brushing every 24 hours - otherwise they start to stink. Similarly the willingness to get things done needs to be aroused within every 24 hours - for those in whom it doesn't come automatically. Just like me. 

so I need that extra push - some crazy monotonous cliched self help mantras that provides the kick though earphone - not too much but for that small 15 minutes but everyday - to ensure that I am on track. Why if don't know...

But I have started to have a feeling that honesty comes with laziness. May be the comfort it provides makes you relax and makes you lazy. So along with truthfulness one has to be willing to really work hard and without any procrastination. 

Only truth and honesty is not enough. 

Work hard. Attack the to-do list now. Now. That is the magic ingredient needed along with truth and honesty.

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