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One after another and another


Yes that is what life is.

Just when it seems, if only i could get over this problem, or cross this hurdle... 

Then NEXT HURDLE appears out of no where and surprisingly we don't think that we just completed the last problem - why again we having to look into this one... and we don't ask because we get so much sucked into the problem at hand that we don't have the time or frame of mind...

Yes the problem at hand...

Just like a shadow on a sunny evening... the more you run to get rid of the shadow, the faster the shadow follows you. Same with the problem at hand... the faster you try to solve - the sooner your hand harbors a New Problemo.

So life goes on just like that...

One after another and another.

The solution?

I was just thinking... what can be the solution. Too much tension might as well lead to high BP , low BP, cholesterol... or some acute illness that will graple us all the more for the rest of our lives... leading us to struggle in pain and live a gifted life in vain.

Very bad...

So here is the solution -  I just thought about - 

Let go of all your problems and tensions. Just let go... Relax and sing. Take deep breathes and enjoy - play with your kid and chat with your spouse. Watch a movie. 

Sleep, get up and again run to work! 

Work, finish work, come home and again relax. 

Don't think too much; thinking leads to anxiety - and anxiety to more problems. So juts work and let go of worries... Let go. Relax.


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