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New habits never last long... why?

...this is because when there is a sudden shock or intense pain or change - then it tends to wipe out the learning slate momentarily and then one tends to fall back on his regular old habits.

Note that the learning slate is delicate and can't withstand extreme shocks so one needs to remain in an optimum psychological state to ensure that he repeats the new habits with consistency.

New habits take time to form roots in the soil of mind. They are prone to innumerable threats from different sources.

For example, some stranger can rob you off your peace of mind by a caustic and irresponsible remark. And that's enough to shake you off your rhythm and push you back to your old habits. And all this happens pretty fast without you being aware of the sequence of events; however if awareness level is increased, you might succeed in protecting your feeble learning slate. 

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