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Can you hear your conscience's whispers?

Sometimes when we are drunk we feel that we become a better person. We think of doing many selfless activities and then we don't hesitate while thinking this way. When we come out of the stupor we realize the so-called-reality and we decide of not doing those same things that we had decided while we were drunk.

Have you noticed this... has this happened with you... and have you try to analyze why it happens so...

ok lets do some analysis here - drinking definitely provides a lot of freedom. it dilutes our identity and ego... and thats why we feel so happy, relaxed and blissful. because the ego is a heavy burden we carry with us all the time and drinking suddenly lifts this heavy weight from us... and so we feel so light.

without this ego - we think, feel and act like a very saintly person.... but

when the effect of alochol is gone, the ego reappears, the burden is again felt - and so it again changes our thought. we no more agree to do all the things that we decided when we were drunk.

the important question is this: the effect that alcohol has to our mind - can we not consciously rise to that level without drinking?

i think - and i am thinking without getting drunk of course - that there should be a way... actually there might be many ways... what are these different ways i am not sure right now - but to my mind comes one particular way - which is by listening to one's inner conscience and then following it... lets discuss that. 

ofcourse this conscious way of raising one to that high level - is not so easy... one has to jump into darkness with faith in this process... the process is pretty simple and here it is:  everyone knows the truth in his heart - what's right and what's wrong. that can also be termed as the voice of inner conscience - which everyone can hear. just close your eyes and without getting biased - ask yourself - what is the correct action you need to take in a particular situation. For example if you have taken money from someone - and who might have forgotten about it - should you not proactively return his or her money? when we ask such a question with utmost seriousness to our own self - we will definitely get the answer... and once we get the answer - blindly commit yourself to doing it irrespective of whatever immediate loss it might bring to your life. it's just an experiment - you just do it and observe keenly how your life unfolds...

the immediate losses are not important here - we are talking in terms of long term results - 10 years down the line, 20 years down the line and so on...

then one more situation comes in life - and similarly you ask yourself without any bias - and you wait for an answer from the conscience. what does it say? and then you control your action accordingly - totally in synchronous with your inner voice...

if one keeps acting in this way in life and then checks oneself - what he lost and what he gained as a result... i think the gains will be far far more than the losses... Dear reader, don't take my word - do it and find out please. your life is your laboratory and you are the scientist to perform the tests...

there are two possible outcomes - 1. you will come to the conclusion that this doesn't work - listening to inner conscience is actually causing you to lose more in life and causing more problems.   2. you will realize this is actually working and you are gaining more than you are possibly losing.

my experience is that it's always the 2nd outcome that happens as a result of acting based on direction from your inner conscience. its always more advantage, more benefits, more pluses - big big pluses - i tend to have better health, more peace of mind, better respect among people and so on... as a result of this my own conviction and desire to follow same path of right action keeps increasing...

i therefore can conclude that i don't need to get drunk - to think like a good saintly person and come to correct decisions... i can actually more consciously do the right thing by being more receptive to my own conscience.

of course alcohol tends to blur that opaque barier between me and my conscience and i have seen it elevating my thoughts...

but alcohol give me something as a short-cut for which i haven't earned that position. and as it happens with short-cut-approaches - they come with their own side-effects. Because an external stimulus elevates my thinking level to a good height and which i haven't earned - so this heightened state of pleasantness is short-lived. once the effect of alcohol is gone - i fall from the height and remain in the lower state... now in order to go again to that higher state - i again need one more shot... slowly i might lose the ability to be a better person without the help of an external stimulus. this is a wrong approach and not a very good solution.

you will all agree - our hard approach of : by listening to one's inner conscience and then following it... is a much better approach. in my native language, it's like - sastha, sundar, majbuth (cheap, goodlooking, strong). it's like a banyan tree - which takes time to grow - but it grows strong with firm root and strong branches.

while drinking you might get the pleasure of flying - but you will fly without wings - because the external stimulus is potent and it is carrying you and making you float... once the effect is gone - you go through a free fall. the more difficult way: by listening to inner conscience and then following it... is actually a gradual process of experimentation with life. it installs wings in you which are not so effective in the beginning... you will flap those nascent wings and there will be frustration and you will complain - you will take a shot of whisky and fly without any problem... but if you are consistent and perseverant... if you have the magical quality of tenacity - you will hang in there and keep practising with difficulty - then one day your wings will be strong and when suddenly you find yourself helpless in mid-air - your wings will help you to land softly on ground.

That's when you will have the necessary experience to tackle the hard things in life with soft dexterity. till then you should keep listening to your inner conscience and keep following it... till you arrive at the truth!

it's just like learning to type - initially it will be so difficult to place the right finger at the appropriate keys - you will be so much tempted to just use the finger that comes naturally instead of using the correct fingers. it's so hard to go through this rigorous training in the beginning... but once you have become an expert typist you just finish a big chunk of sentence effortlessly - imagine the pleasure... it's all the same in life also - the whole life should be a training and once you become an expert - you will know the difference yourself.

you needn't think about big things... you should start with small things - for example if you are yet to return 2 thousand rs. to a friend of yours... and who seems to have forgotten - start there - return the money irrespective of whether he is a rich or a poor guy ... and feel the peace of mind and observe the acknowledgement and respect your friend returns you for your action... start with small things like this and keep expanding into bigger things... slowly and steadily.

that's the practical way to proceed - otherwise in the very beginning - when you think of a very big thing - you will feel hopeless and will not have the necessary impetus to continue in this path.  

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