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Antidote to Procrastination

Putting things off till the last moment... catching the last bogie of the train at the last minute with complete exhaustion of the last breath and running like hell...  How many of us are victims of this dreadful disease - PROCRASTINATION. Let me begin by admitting that I suffer very badly from this disease and can't quite get a way to come out of it's mighty grip.

The bad habit seems to be stuck for a life time without any hope.

But just like other thoughts - this had also sparked in my mind like a distant lightening - whose spark though alive for an infinitesimally tiny fraction of second but bright and dazzling... enough to bend my mind into rendering it some form of permanency through this blog...

What if tackling the problem of procrastination with a sweet feeling that results from having finished an important work done.

Have you given it a thought? Once you complete an important task - there ensues a sweet feeling inside your soul - a sweet feeling of satisfaction... but since we go along with this wave of existence - it hardly surfaces through the blanket of awareness. But be aware my friends... Awareness to me is the special virtue - we have that differentiates us from all the rest of the animal kingdom apart from the tail. 

So next time be AWARE of this sweet satisfaction that results from completing an important work and then whenever shackles of laziness, inert nature wired into our soul, inertia of not doing anything and simply lying and lazing like a hippopotamus - or whatever you call - begins to pull you down, preventing that important task from getting completed - remind your self of this sweet feeling - that you could savor right away by completing the task at hand.

This would provide you enough impetus  to get that thing done. Call it motivation. Antidote of Procrastination! Or whatever - but the idea is to attack procrastination with the hope of attaining that sweet feeling of getting it done. Each time you get something done, each time you enjoy that sweet feeling and while enjoying this remind of the next job that needs to be completed - remind yourself of the BUCKET.

If it works, then make it work the same way again, then once more... and again and again... until it becomes a habit.

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