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peaq laptop review

This laptop:  PEAQ PNB S2415-I5N1 is available in mediamarkt  Netherlands... 

One day while i was taking a casual look at all the laptops displayed in a mediamarkt store - i happened to see this big 15.6 inch laptop - immediately i started typing on it and found the kyeboard was actually very good to type on - and i found the display of the screen good too.... what more i came back - did some more research and decided to place an order online through the mediamarkt online store - 

The price is around 450 euro - I got some 50 euro discount without which it would have been 499 Euro I guess...

I bought it online from mediamarkt site on 27.may.2018 and got it on 28.may.2018 - fully sealed....

....Unboxed on 28.may.2018 and have been using ever since.  At 500 euro the specs are awesome and you can't get such quality at such a low price. the specs are give below - 

Operating System Windows 10 Home Resolution 1920 x 1080 Optical drive No Form Factor Fixed Screen Aspect Ratio 16: 9 LED backlight yes Screen size (inch) 15.6-inch Display size (cm) 39.6 cm Screen Diagonal (cm / inch) 39.6 cm / 15.6 inches Image resolution Full HD

Specs are as shown below...

Display: 15.6 inch (1920 x 1080) 
Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U 
RAM: 8 GB 
Storage: 128 GB eMMC + 1 TB HDD 
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 520

Now let me write the pros and cons - 

pros -


1. cheap price and fabulous quality

2. keyboard is nice and big - the keys have a nice responsive kick that i found very comfortable... i tried a few other expensive laptops but was massively disappointed by the key repsonse my fingers received... just to let you know - i just love to type and i type very fast and if i don't get a proper keyboard - no matter how impressive the other features are - it will be a big NO NO - but not with this laptop - i was impressed and still am after 30 odd days of rigorous use... a big thumbs up

3. display is quite good at this price...

4. pretty fast response time - switch it on and it doesn't take much time to come to life... its pretty fast


cons -

1. Biggest disappointment is the battery - battery doesn't last that long and your power cable has to be somewhere near...

2. There is no indication of caps-lock - no way to know that your caps-lock is on or off - no light indicator on the Caps Key!

3. The DOT (or fullstop) key is very small and it's an irritation. Bad design!!!

4. Build quality of laptop is not good; screen looks very much vulnerable as the bezels are so weak and screen is wobbly/shaky if you just touch it gently... 

5. shift + right or left arrow - should selct the words - which doens't work at all and that's irritating... really really irritating...


FINAL VERDICT - considering that it is only 499 Euro and all the features it has - I would still recommend this... however if you can spend more - definitely go for a branded and better laptop with good build quality.

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