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Movie Review: The girl with the dragon tattoo

Half mad, drug addict, spoilt, frustrated, enigmatic, penetrating, intelligent, cunning, passionate and determined - all of these epitomize the character of Lisbeth (acted by Rooney Maara) in the movie - The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. She is prompt and fierce. Beware of her... One that understands her is safe but who fails to read the innate danger engraved in this lady pays the price. The villain who rapes her and tries to take advantage of her situation soon realizes his blunder and pays a hefty price. He cringes to face her after this realization. His chest was written with bloody tattoo - I am a rapist pig. This intense scene lingers onto the mind for a long time. Very intense, indeed!
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo holds your attention, as two separate incidents are nicely woven together which merge after sometime when Lisbeth acts as an assistant to detective Blomkvist. The investigation which ensues  is complicated and puzzling. But the intensity with which she dives into it, bringing one after another clue, coalescing them delicately and arriving at conclusions, leaves an indellible mark in the viewer. Her role, as an assistant to detective Blomkvist (acted by Daniel Craig) actually surpasses Blomkvist's contribution in unravelling the mystery. The suspense reaches a crescendo when Blomkvist breaks into a house to unearth further clues and evidences. It creates a chilling sensation and makes one look on in aticipation of WHAT NEXT!
Rooney Mara is the central character of this film, and it starts and ends with her. She portrays the character of  a frustrated, isolated, neglected prodigy who is multitalented - a computer geek, good fighter, biker, having a great presence of mind and a knack of solving mysteries and seeing that which a normal mind would not notice. She has vengeance written all over her eyes. She looks dangerous and unpredictable. She works with Blomkvist in solving the mysterious forty year old case of disappearance of a lady, saves him from dying a tortured death, falls in love with him and finally has her heart broken.
Rooney Maara's performance stands out in this film. This act of hers finds some similarity with Heath Ledger's JOKER in 'The Dark Knight' or cold bloodedness of Javier Bardem in 'No Country for old men'. However this is different and has suceessfully carved its own uniqueness in the hollywood repertoire of good movies.

The scripting and story writing is fabulous and direction is an added cherry on top of this wonderful cake. No wonder the movie won some oscar awards and has a whopping 8.1 points out of 10 in IMDB.

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