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Made to measure from Raymond

With increasing competition, discounts and sales all over malls and hypermarkets companies are innovating newer ways to boost their sales. Perform or perish is the new mantra and pressure of increasing sales is showing up on faces of even big players like Raymond.

Raymond on wheelsThat is what I thought when I saw this bus in Infy-campus. This bus is a mobile Raymond shop actually. Surprised? Yeah, even I was when I first saw this! The representatives acknowledged that this was a new way of advertisement and meant to spread the word - MADE TO MEASURE from Raymond.

Pretty curious, I entered the bus and found the engine idling away softly, generating adequate electric power for the whole bus (lights and air-condition), the driver missing from the seat and the inside of the bus transformed into a high quality showroom.

Beautiful suits, blazers, ties and other items were on display. There were nicely dressed smart and pretty attendants helping me to select from a collection of fabric samples arranged neatly in a catalogue. I was curious for this... and so selected one trouser fabric that cost Rs. 3000, including making charge. They said they would take measurements, stitch it and then send it by courier.

That sounded pretty good. I was quickly on my way further inside the bus searching for help when I was greeted by an expert tailor. There was a neat trial room, mirrors on all side, where I put on a pair of neutral trousers. They quickly measured the lengths and then took some photographs back, side, front and it was done! Pretty fast. They even assured me that my measurements would be stored in their database and I could get same type of trousers ordered in future.

After 15 days I got the trousers right at my home. It was nicely packed and the bill was attached with it. Now I unpacked with excitement, mind little restless and curious to find out how this would fit.

When I got into it and buttoned and chained, I felt awesome. The trousers felt like my second outer skin and they were embracing me. Oh, what a feeling it is to wear clothes that just fit right! I wonder if I could get such nice fitting custom made trousers anywhere else.

Now the verdict! It is true that the price is a little high, but then it’s because of the brand. I would rate this unique concept of Raymond – MADE TO MEASURE 9/10. While if you go for giving your measurements to some normal tailor, I would rate that option 7/10. This is of course my generic opinion.

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Worst experience, they took my measurement & prepared a shirt which is too big. It's my biggest mistake that I went to Raymond.


I am regular customer of made to measure since last three years & immensely satisfied with the quality of product till I chose to opt for tailoring during last sales period in july 2016. All three trousers purchased from borivali outlet have turned into payjamas on 1st use itself. Is it that the apparels of sub standard are sold in this period. Completely disappointed.


Order no-179 and 181..dtd 23/02/15..delivered on 15.3.15
Three trials there after..they couldn't fit three shirts for me
while i go buy off self from other brands and wear
Disaster after disasters on sleeves
Now they are planning to refund money IN CASH with no regrets and mail acknowledgement
Store of Ref: GIP, NOIDA, UP


ordered a m2m shirt with great enthusiasm, but sorry to say they failed to deliver inspite of measurement taken twice. wasted 33 days and it was a bad experience. they need lot of effort to succeed.


they are the worst tailors and worst people to deal with.
amazingly foolish !


Awesome service


They take your measurements and stitch someone elses clothes. Worst tailors ever.And then they have the audacity to confront you by saying this is wht you asked.


worst service I have seen till now. Its not guaranteed when you will receive your order. Very fake people are these. Concept is good, but execution is worst.