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Car review - Indica Vista Quadrajet

We purchased indica vista quadrajet (diesel version of indica vista - now it is called indica vista vx), aqua, cavern gray on 30.Nov.2009.

We have completed the following memorable trips in this car -

1. When the car was new. We took it to Kanyakumari. The trip was like this- Bangalore to Madurai. Madurai to Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari.
Kanyakumari to Kodaikanal.  Kodaikanal to Bangalore. This whole trip spanned for 7 days and I covered 1800 km approx. Not a single instance I faced any problem. Was always awed with engine performance. No sound, no vibration simply blissful driving. Detail of this trip can be found here.
2. Took it to a chennai sea beach trip. Trip- Bangalore to Chennai. Road was awesome so I could maintain speed at 80 - 100 kmph for most of the time.
This tim I measured the mileage- It gave 20 km/ litre. Earlier I had measured the mileage in city - It gave 14 km/ litre. Again driving was such a lovely experience.
3. Trip- Bangalore to Mangalore. Mangalore to udupi. Udupi to Marawanthe and back. Udupi to Mangalore. Mangalore to Bangalore. You will have to go to these places to see how bad the road conditions are. I somehow managed a successful trip without any vehicle breakdown. But the potholes tested the car to the core. The bottom hit almost 7 times, but without any damage. Covered - 100km
4. Ooty Trip
5. Goa Trip. The car didn't behave well in this trip and it broke down on the way. Details can be found here.

The good points and the bad points from my overall experience-

1. You can’t compare this car with a petrol engine hatchback. No way. Its miles ahead. The power generated from this 1240 cc diesel engine is really good. The acceleration is great. Overtaking is easy. Superior engine quality and smoothness. No vibration, no noise. Occassional chattering and noise might come due to Tata-poor-finishing quality. Hats off to the fiat technology though. Overall this is a great value for money. I won't mind buying a second indica vista quadrajet car. Good pickup and great speed and great driving comfort. Stability is great.
2. Gear shift is smooth. Clutch is not good. Initially when the car is new, clutch will be silky smooth but as the car ages, the clutch behaves badly. There will be roughness, stickiness accompained by some noise.
3. Shock absorber is great. Its like being on a boat in an ocean. It sways comfortably absorbing all the potholes with ease. Ground clearance could be a little better and a fully loaded car does hit an uneven bumpy road sometime.
4. There are some silly problems which do crop up like - a. noise from ac blower.
5. Sometimes you might hear front suspension shock absorber noise. But this can be rectified easlily.
6. bad wipers. Corrigible.
7. less luggage space ( but too much of inner space for passengers). It's better to attach a stand on the roof.
8. bad plastic finish inside
9. Sometimes accelerator doesn't respond at very high speed.
10. Awesome looks. Attractive and pretty and has that macho-touch.
11. Overall driving experience has been very good. From inside it is big and like a king-class sedan.

Have to add here that inspite of a few negative points, it's a good value for money because the same engine which is present in a punto, swift,ertiga and ritz are much highly priced. Also in vista u have more interior space, good suspensions and attractive looks.

Initially I used to go to concorde service center but now I have shifted to the kudlu gate Prerna motors. It is near from my office also it is a personal preference.

Overall rating - 7/10

Servicing history mentioned below -

Servicing Chart for Vehicle KA51Z 5065 Purchased on 30.Nov.2009
1Free17.Dec.200911252089Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
2Free06.Feb.201054610Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
3Free06.Feb.2010117371963Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
Check up after 3rd ServicingFree (within warranty)02.Sep.2010137370Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
4thFree (within warranty)17.Feb.201118580488Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
5thPaid29.Feb.2012284494735Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
6thPaid07.feb.201339021Data not availablePrerana Motors, Kudlu Gateis not available now. This was serviced at prerana motors and the rear shock absorbers were changed.
7thPaid10.Feb.201440939KM8236Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
Checkup after 7th Paid ServicePaid (Out of warranty period)08.May.2014412341307Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload
8th Paid ServicePaid13.Feb.20154216813357Concorde, Banerghatta RdDownload


Summary of the overall run of Car and servicing details - 

30.nov.2009 - purchased
17/12/2009 - 1st free 1000 km servicing done at concorde motors, km - 1125 
06/feb/2010 - 2nd free servicing done at concorde motors, km - 5461 
30/jun/2010 - 3rd free servicing done at concorde motors, km - 11737
02.sep.2010 - servicing done at concorde motors, km - 13737
29.feb.2011 - km-18348
17.feb.2011 - 4th free service done at concorde motors, km - 18580 
20.mar.2011 - km-19377
29.aug.2011 - engine oil changed, km-23888
29.feb.2012 - 5th paid service at concorde motors banerghatta Road, km- 28449
15.jul.2012 - engine oil changed, km- 34060
07.feb.2013 - 6th paid service, km- 39021 (rear shock absorbers changed)
19.mar.2013 - km- 40000
10/feb/2014 - 7th paid service done at concorde motors 
08.may.2014 - ASSY WINDOW WIND UNIT, and power window switch, km - 41234
13.feb.2015 -  8th paid service at concorde motors dairy circle, km: 42168 
21.Nov.2015 -  9th paid service at concorde motors dairy circle, km : 43342
13.Feb.2016 -  Changed Engine Oil. Day1: started from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar Journey. Km: 43945
19.Feb.2016 -  Day3 Puri, km- 45541



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