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The cuckoo clock

The cuckoo clock doesn't sing 
the battery is weak 
the clock still ticks

I turn around lazily
look at her shamelessly
she pleads for a change of battery

but i murmur - 
you are still showing right time

she whispers back - 
i want to sing.. i want to chime

i snub back - don't bother
you are just about fine

days go by... months pass...
whenever i need to check time
instinctively my eyes turn to her
and she always shows me the right time...

so many times i have had this fear
that the clock would stop now
the end is near...

i have started feeling guilty
i have done her wrong
i should have got her fresh lungs
to sing me the morning songs...

remained so busy in the daily grind 
had remained selfish all the time

better late than never - i say to myself
and rise and go to the supermarket

her reaction was like a joyful baby
when i showed her the new battery

so difficult to un-mount her from the wall
so annoying to clear up the dust
entanglement of the cobweb

She looks on with utmost faith
like a patient at the surgeon's knife

I dismantle her, I open her up
in a flash, the old battery comes out
she falls on the floor and blacks out

the new pair of lungs go in
She comes back to life again...

Waiting for the hour to strike now...
feels like an eternal pain

suddenly silence is ripped through
With her mellifluous Cuckoo...

Cuckoo... Cuckoo... Cuckoo...


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