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I'm gonna have a great day today

Friday problems marinated on weekend creating a mess...
I hung on...Monday was fresh...though I could sleep very less

I got ready fast... ran out of home and drove away
The vehicles on the slippery road slithered and gave way

The security guard on the door greeted with a wide grin
I looked at him and smiled back amidst rain thick and thin

Declared out loud to him, “I'm gonna have a great day!”
Flood gates opened soon... problems seemed at bay

The rain stopped and the bright sun looked cheerful
A beautiful rainbow hung low – a smiley inverted colorful

Amazing how things unfolded in just the right way...
Everything fell in place... What a perfect day Monday!

So I decided even Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I would declare out loud... I'm gonna have a great day today!


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