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Revisiting Childhood

I told Ramakrishna - "Let's go visit the school. Lot's of memory attached."

He replied - "Let's go."

And then we drove... parked the car near the school. 

Made an entry in the register near the gate. And then got lost in old memories. The new buildings have come come up - but the basic space remains the same. 

Remembered the school prayer - Twamewa Mata Cha, Peeta Twamewa.........................

This is the stage on which the lead singer used to sing and we would stand in straight lines in-front of the stage and would repeat in chorus. 

Each line - represented the class and section. I never liked this small ritual of prayer and would somehow pretend to sing by silently moving my lips. I would seldom sing.

This was our class - where it's written IX-B now. This used to be section C. And this space is so familiar. We are 1994 class 10 batch. Revisiting after almost  22 years. Can you imagine?? Twenty Two years. And yet this place remains the same. Fresh in memory as if yesterday's event. Time flies. 

The bright color of soil remains the same. We played football on this ground many many times with utmost passion and energy - taking the game so seriously. Now we realize the utter foolishness in taking those games seriously. So what, if the opposition had won or lost - no one remembers now.  We couldn't afford a football and played with a broken plastic tiffin box. But we were so happy - never complained we had no ball. Only in the games-period we would get a football for 40 solid minutes. And we would wait for that games-period with enormous excitement. 

Look at this giant Peepal Tree. Can it sense that 2 old pals have come to visit him. We touch the tree and we seem to exchange some feelings... Is it all in my mind, I am not sure... but may be the tree feels something, who knows?


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