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Makers of gloves that work on smart phones are like Vultures

Whenever a new product becomes hot in the market - it begets smaller accessories in the market. These smaller products are like parasites that emerge from the source... 

Take the case of a smart phone... Very soon the need was felt - that in colder regions - like in Europe, those who roam the roads with gloves - suffer from the problem of getting rid of them as soon as they need to touch the touch-screen - for example while maneuvering on the gps guidance. 

The problem was felt- absorbed and soon came the gloves - that could operate well on smart phones, also came another set of gloves with holes to allow finger tips to pop out and also an adjoining cover to cover the fingertips when it was not needed to finger the screen.

Well I look the whole thing like this - The lion hunts for a deer - Eats the deer - then leaves the rest for the desperate vultures - who descend from the blue sky and wait from a little distance.

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