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Why suddenly the sale of laptops is decreasing? In India why suddenly everyone is talking about AAP and not so much about traditional parties and leaders? Where are those bulging TVs?  What happened to radios broadcasting with AM? 

The answer to all these questions is a 6 lettered word... CHANGE.

Necessity of laptop is only felt now when I need to blog. Also laptop seems necessary if I need to login remotely to office computer. Rest everything is being taken care by smartphone. I can understand the dwindling sale of laptops, hp job cuts, companies moving from laptop to smartphone business. Human mind once stretched to a new concept can never return back to the old establishment. The new concept needs to be handy, easy, comfortable and cool. Smartphone serves all these requirements. 

Remember the days when we used to shave with those traditional razors and blades. Each shave invariably accompanied by cuts and bruises, intensified momentarily by stinging after shaves.... so annoying and painful; then came the sata sat gillete presto... and finally came the mach3. Once one switched to mach3, the comfortable glides on cheek uprooting each steel fiber from soft skin effortlessly made it hugely popular... it became so difficult to switch back to earlier blades. Mach3 continues to rule even today. Very much like the recent smart phones.

The flat screen TV did the same thing to the traditional convex screens. Once the concept knocks the market door, all other companies quickly emulate the invention and the old thing disappears like horns from an ass's head. 

Recently the Kejriwal Movement is doing the same thing to the leaders of the stature of Modi and Rahul Gandhi. People are now getting more comfortable to a new kind of leader who talks like one of the aam aadmis. They are now able to relate... and that's why they are showering votes on the new leader. There is no doubt that the new elections will see even more votes going AAP's way because minds have been stretched to a new perception of a new type of leader and it's so difficult to go back to the old way of thinking. 

We are now in a rapidly changing world. It is very important to adapt to changing circumstances around us to thrive. Our propensity to cling on to old style, old methodologies, old tradition, old thinking is not going to do any good. We have to march along with the wave of change or the wave will crush us. Remember the story of frog inside warm water in a bucket... as the temperature was increased slowly the frog was lazy to jump out and it started adapting to slightly increasing temperature.... till a point in time when it finally burnt and killed the frog. Same is the case with other political parties... which were still going on and on in the same traditional way. And all of a sudden water seems so hot and jumping out of water becomes impossible.

When a ball in motion is aimed at, the shooter needs to pull trigger at a point where the ball will be and not where it is. And so decisions need to be taken based on what the demand will be in future and not what it is. When the demand is misunderstood then a project or an endeavor fails. For example after the advent of internet the need to have an efficient search engine was felt and then worked upon by google. The future was anticipated correctly and that resulted in such huge success.  

Microsoft lost ground and couldn't enjoy the same monopoly because Microsoft seemed to be resting on it's laurels. Companies like Google and Apple came forward with more aggressive strategies and stole the show. That's why the R&D department of a company is so important. A single innovation from a competitor can nail the final blow in coffin in no time. In a blink of eye everything is finished. 

When early civilization was still fighting with hands, bows and arrows, the western civilization at that time was going through a massive industrial revolution. With the invention of guns and bullets, it became so easy for the western armies to invade, plunder and loot other backward civilizations who could stand no chance.


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