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Happy New Year 2017

Wishing you all a happy new year 2017

(Pic courtesy: Raghavendra. Place - near off…

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Romir explaining symmetry

14 Candles

We say in bengali "choddo Batee"

Maa had earlier instructed us on phone to light  up 1…

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Romir turns 5

Revisiting Childhood

I told Ramakrishna - "Let's go visit the school. Lot's of memory attached."

He replied…

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So finally the website went live on Monday morning! All defects and loopholes were plugge…

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My unpredictable mind

I got up at around 10 AM. You know - sunday lazy morning... Saturday was so bad - I don't…

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Fun at work!

Romir's first bicycle ride

Romir's first bicycle ride at the age of 4 years 2 months and 11 days - 

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Romir's first experience of balancing a 2 wheeler

The best way to learn balancing is to start with the simplest of 2 wheelers -and that's w…

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Why suddenly the sale of laptops is decreasing? In India why suddenly everyone is talking…

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Makers of gloves that work on smart phones are like Vultures

Whenever a new product becomes hot in the market - it begets smaller accessories in the m…

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Delhi rape case

The whole nation is boiling, reeling in pain and walking the roads with candle lights, tr…

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Can't automate everything!

Off late the companies all over are trying to automate everything... every process, the w…

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Romir's Fist Steps...

At an age of 14 months and 16 days Romir started walking by himself for the first time. E…

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Naturally biased

A friend came running at me with a gleaming smile on his face. He exclaimed, "Did you see…

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Snake on the road

Early rain in Bangalore brings with it good news in many ways. Mercury has come down by a…

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Even death can't set them free

Just imagine... a man sleeping untouched and peacefully inside his tiny burial space is s…

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Renovation of Ranganathittu

Today I read in the newspaper that Ranganathittu is all set for a face-lift. There are p…

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Earthquake in Bangalore today

Felt mild tremors today in afternoon. The exact location :- Kodcihikanahalli, Bangalore.I…

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