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Netherlands - Day999

I got up early morning. Had my breakfast and then got ready in no time to begin my day's work. The bus was moving towards Beechavenue very fast and my mind was crowded with thoughts of the complicated situation we had at hand. How this day will turn out to be... no idea... however I was optimistic.

I had promised previous night - that today morning I will say loud in my mind - TODAY IS A NEW DAY AND ALL PROBLEMS ARE GOING TO GET SOLVED. And I did exactly that - while waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

The day unfolded and many things happened. It's a big team and there are small units doing different things in different directions... all aimed towards solving the same problem.

I can't guarantee that all problems got solved but we were at-least satisfied with how the day turned out. We tried a lot of things - discovered many other things that were not really correct in the true sense and finally we did put all these small things together in the right places...

But we haven't yet been able to prove that all these that we have put together actually solved our problem.

Sometimes we need to wait for the result. Patience is the key. 

Tomorrow afternoon - we will know and again I shall write here - how it did go.

However during the time we were all fire-fighting and trying to solve the issues we had at hand - one thing was pretty clear - we were sometimes fighting among ourselves - it's so important sometimes to keep our cool and continue peacefully - sometimes it becomes so difficult to interact with a certain kind of personality - and then it leads to friction and tension. So learning to adapt to a particular situation in the best possible manner is very important and something I am still continuing to learn ..  I am eager to learn more of it. Its a always a good practice to bring it to the notice of members in the team - that all belong to the same team and everyone is trying to contribute to the larger and common cause... and so it's actually not a good idea to fight among ourselves.

It really doesn't matter what you are and what you do... it's more important to have a complicated situation under control and the more expert one is at it the better his chances of survival.

At the end of the day - it's all a game of survival.  whether one is writing code or managing a team.... everyone is trying to survive...   how much he is able to do so is entirely upon his own ability to control a situation.

As I had said yesterday - some magic will happen today - and it did happen... however whether we were successful - we'll come to know TOMORROW.

Till then - bye

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