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Netherlands - Day997

So finally I booked our tickets to India - for a 3 week visit. What a relief! It's going to be 3 years now. I have forgotten now the vehicles honking away on a busy road, the huge traffic and scorching sun... driving away on my pulsar overtaking vehicles from the wrong side...  there was fun and there was confusion and some disorder and in that there was fun. Everything is very systematic here -  but somehow I feel there is no life, no spirit or fun in the true sense. However we do try to create the magic in office - with a small gang we have formed now - always ready to hit the pub on a Friday evening. Sweet Heinikken Tap beer with pea nuts or chicken nuggets, nachos mixed with warm and friendly gossips keep us busy till late evening and finally we take our respective buses to home. The last Diwali we celebrated was a pretty good one - with nice spicy food - veg and non veg and delicious Indian sweets - everyone - Local Dutch People as well as Indians - all enjoyed - ... there was music, gossip and a nice vibrant atmosphere all over - it was a Memorable Diwali Event in office...

But now as the tickets are booked, I can't wait no more. My 3 weeks will be divided - 1 week in Bangalore and 2 in BBSR. I don't remember when I last went to Bhubaneswar - has been ages ... yeah - my memory is struggling to recollect any thing that I did then... What will I do? What will I do? I am so excited - I don't know what all I should be doing.......

But for sure I want to relive those golden trips that we went together - Mother, Father, Sanchita and UttamDa... our friend. We have a new member now - Romir. Oh - it will be fun! initially I had thought of driving all the way from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar - but then - the plan was changed as Father's health is not really great. So we will plan something small and simple from Bhubaneswar - Orissa Tourism centers around Puri and Chilika - so with them being in the itinerary - I am planning to include some more off-the-beaten tracks this time - towards Kenojhar - may be the beautiful waterfall of Khandadhar. The last time I went there - I went on a bike with a friend - Arvind - and we had taken bath in that waterfall - the water fall is indeed beautiful and I want to go there once more.

I want to visit the old bsnl office in which I was a jto - I want to again visit those roads and places which are so alive in my memory. The Temples and the Bus stand. The SBI Office, restaurant and the shops - small and medium-sized. Yeah - I remember - the suji-kakara - an Oriya Delicacy - I used to eat in morning in a shop there- how much I want to taste that again... In Kenojhar I lived in a place called Baniapat. As I would be preparing for the oracle database and plsql language - it would be late night and I would be hungry - I used to then hit the highway with my bike and then drive into the dark-night to all the way to the Highway Dhaba - some 10 kms away - and then sit there and eat some lovely Tandoori Roti and Chicken Masala. One day while returning from such a dhaba through a very silent and dark forest - a short cut - I became real real afraid - so much that I sped my bike and wanted the forest to be over - but the forest wouldn't be over - I somehow managed to cross that patch of darkness and pledged never to take that route. Memories, memories, memories - memories are all I have.

In keonjhar in the winter season, we used to play outdoor badminton - by fixing those lights on both sides of the net. The preparation of the ground by chopping and cleaning the bush and thorns and the watering the field so that wouldn't scatter dust all around which we played - all this was so much fun. more than playing the preparation was more fun... however we enjoyed the game of badminton indeed - we would be charged up - taking the game very seriously as if defeate would be the end of the world. Why were we playing so seriously? It would be such fun.

So I am planning to go to Keonjhar this time for sure.

How can I forget my college and my school in Bhubanewsar. I am going to relive those memories for sure. Back in Bhubaneswar I got a few friends and would like to get in touch with them as well.

All this dream is so nice - but I have got office tomorrow - gosh! I better be done with this - and close my laptop asap.


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